Power Of Youth Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions

Q.What is Power of Youth?

We are small group of young people with big dreams that do not let us sleep. A dream to make our little world well developed and pact with greater knowledge. A knowledge that will help us in evolving the world is what we are seeking.

Q.What does Power of Youth do?

We do whatever is in our hand to make our dream into a reality. We are in pursuit of happiness and established order. With youth power and will we organizes some events and functions to bring people together that is hard to make in today's time.

Q.What makes us different from other?

Social Media is best way to stay connected with your followers. Our organized work and social activity with quality of professional is what makes us different.

Q.What is our Vision?

As we are continually talking about development, evolution, love and faith, yes these are our vision. We see a world with evolved people with good knowledge and intellect power.

Q.What is our Mission?

A.We believe that if you are finding solution to a problem, the solution will be found in Young Minds. We are in premises of making a creative, peaceful and a prosperous society.

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