Power Of Youth About Us

About Us

A wise man one said "All hero do not wear capes", a very true line for people who are fighting for greater goods of world. Those who are in for growth of others are Hero. From a solder fighting for nation to the person trying to keep city clean are heroes. They do everything that is in their reach to make world better place.

We are the Agent of Development with vision to set the Establishment in this chaotic world. Make this world again a one organization where people live with love, faith, belief. We want to build a world which has seeds of brotherhood, trust, development.

Youth are one of the most underestimated characters in the society. Some youth are lost with bad things and that is affecting the image of other youth. But WE are making difference here. There are many youth who wants to change the world for everyone good. We are also in the same vision. We do events at local places, conducts celebration of festival, maintain the order there.

Power of Youth is group of Young Indians trying to make some little changes in their small world. We organize festivals, function and other ceremony to keep the harmony and beauty on the event. The vision that brought us together was to make a better living for people who can't do it by themselves. Teaching people around us about how they can simplify their problems in many ways is what we do. We are playing this game with the goal to bring different people from different origin at one place, together.

Every youth is power both physically and mentally. They have experience of their ancestors and imagination and creativity of their own. We want to create a learning network of people where everyone can share their knowledge in their field with others. This will help in development of youth as well as the society.